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Show and Hide Stacks responsively based on client type (Windows or other).
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The WinMac Stack lets you control the visibility of Stacks depending on whether clients are browsing from a Windows® PC or not. This can be useful for controlling content that is not appropriate for Windows or Mac users, displaying the right link or download, or even for formatting e-mail lists with semicolons instead of commas!

How does it work?
PHP is used to check the user agent (windows, linux, macintosh, etc.) and determine which Stacks to display.
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ShowHide Stack parameters
There are only basic options for this Stack to control additional information in the Edit window, and whether the user agent is displayed in your Published web page for debugging.


Extra edit info?Enable extra information info in the RapidWeaver edit window.
Debug in publish?Enable extra debugging info in the published output. Remember to turn this off after debugging.
Check out an example of WinMac below - in Safari you may be able to use the Develop menu to choose a User Agent to see this Stack in action ...
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You are browsing from a non-Windows® PC, such as an Android or iPhone, or a Mac or Linux machine.

WinMac Features

  • Requires PHP
  • Sparkle updates

Purchase WinMac

  • $3 USD via PayPal
  • Immediate download *