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QHow do I check for switch values ignoring their case?
PostSwitch checks the specified variable/switch taking case into account. It can check for a list of possible values though, so you may list all combinations of a string in different cases. For example, you might enter a list like this: Word, word, WORD
QCan PostSwitch Stacks be nested to check for a=1 AND b=2?
Yes, you can place PostSwitch Stacks inside PostSwitch Stacks to achieve logical and of required parameter values. By nesting inside the true section you can logically AND checks, while nesting inside the false section will logically OR checks, although you may need to duplicate the stacks you wish to show as a result!
QHow do I check for a match to more than one value?
You can set the values field to a list of values separate by spaces or commas such as: apple,orange,pear
QHow do I check to make sure a parameter was NOT set?
Enter the parameter name, blank for the value to just check existence, then only show the false stack which is what will display when the condition is NOT met.
QA Stack requiring PHP shows nothing when published - how can this be fixed?
Stacks requiring PHP need the file extension of the page to be changed from .html to .php in the Page Inspector. You may need to follow this change with a manual removal of the old .html file by FTPing into your account to remove it, or by using your hosting service web interface.

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